Personal Best T&C (PBTC) uses an eclectic approach to therapy with those we work with.  We do not believe there is a one size fits all model to address the challenges each client is facing.  We are grounded in using The Empowerment Theory, which focuses on the process of transition from a state of powerlessness, to a state of relative control over one’s life, destiny, and environment. This transition can manifest itself in an improvement in the perceived ability to control, as well as in an improvement in the actual ability to control.

individual therapy

Do you feel stuck and need support to make some changes?  Are you facing a challenge in your life and you'd like to process this with someone to work through it? We work with people to overcome the barriers that interfere with true happiness. 

Individual Coaching

Is figuring out where you are supposed to be in life becoming overwhelming?  Do you want to completely change your career path and follow your dreams?  Although we are counselors, we coach from a position of therapy techniques and life coaching.


We offer a range of support and education groups in our practice.  Whether you are looking for support on your own, or may be seeking mandated support, we may have groups to help.  Some groups include; Anger Management, Parenting Support; Women's Empowerment; Grief Support and Maternal Health Support.



Personal Best T & C offers consulting and training to individuals and organizations.  We provide clinical supervision for Social Workers for licensure.  We also provide trainings to organizations based on certain areas of expertise. Contact us to determine if we would be a good fit.

Services Offered

Free phone consultation - 15 minutes

Online Teletherapy

Individual Counseling - Children/Adults

Family Counseling

Individual coaching

Training for Organizations and Education Institutions

Social Work Licensure Supervision

Family Risk Assessment/Court Ordered Evaluations

Our Specialties


Anger Management


Family Crisis


Grief & Loss

Life transitions (job, relationship, children)

Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders (pre/postpartum)




Trauma (childhood & adult)


Parenting/Blended Family Challenges

Training & Consulting


Personal Best T&C, Training services are offered to programs including Educational and Community Organizations for the purposes of training staff on key fundamental areas that are not the primary area of focus for your employed professionals. 


•   Trauma informed 

•   Classroom Management

•   School Social Work Evaluations (including EI, ASD, and ADHD)

•   Training for Dean of Students & Administration

•   Reduction in Negative Discipline outcomes

•   Positive Behavior Support

•   Problem Based Inquiry/Data Driven Decision Making 


Personal Best T & C offers a specialized service that creates and implements data and disciplinary programs by training teachers, administrators, and other school personnel how to be more effective.  Ensuring that students are receiving the most appropriate education and keeping them in the least restrictive environment is the goal of successful educational programs.  Teachers are often great at teaching their subjects, but some may need support in classroom management to get those educational messages on the board.  


Personal Best T&C consulting services helps schools, school districts, and organizations to identify and develop strategic pathways to improve management, with a specialization in preventive behavior management and discipline.  By gathering and analyzing data, including student success and educational performance, we are able to help leadership develop an effective plan to improve management outcomes.